Rent Sense: Neighborly Love

Rent Sense: Neighborly Love
By Neil Fjellestad and Chris De Marco
Fjellestad, Barrett & Short

Life is hard enough. Who needs a neighbor with a need Welcome! to crank up the volume on the television or a love for bass –driven tunes at midnight; has a barking dog when left alone; children that run and scream; loud parties and frequent visitors that widely gather for world soccer matches (it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere).
Now, of course neighbors can be wonderful. We all have food neighbor stories that make us smile or remember with gratitude.
Here’s the thing: Neighbors are people and interactions (especially when there’s close proximity and frequency) take effort, can be messy, sometimes even frustrating and occasionally more than we can handle Outlook without help. All of this is true whether you rent or own; whether you share fences or walls; driveways or hallways, and there are no shortcuts to daily effort.
Often when a potential renter is walking the property and interviewing the management or the owner questions are asked that cant or should be answered by any trained housing professional or liability concerned landlord. Here’s a sample- “Do you have young Car children in this community?” “Any college students live in this building?” “What can you tell me about cheap mlb jerseys my neighbors?”

So, what’s wrong with such questions? Here’s a short list-
•    An apartment community and individual rentals are to adhere wholesale mlb jerseys to housing policies that do not discriminate against neighbors that belong 101 to Rent protected classes as dictated by federal, state and local fair housing laws.
•    Most of the types of questions that are posed about neighbors are discriminating under these laws whether that or not it Kunde4 is intended.
•    A landlord or his/her representative that entertains such questions and/or seeks to placate the potential renter with an answer that will further the leasing process has participated in a discriminatory practice and has incurred potential liability under Fair Housing.
•    There is a separate but equally important matter of privacy. Any information that could be shared cheap mlb jerseys about a neighbor has been gained due to a business relationship that maintains stiff consumer protection due to fiduciary relationship that is implied.
•    This is heighted by the protected financial credit and other personal information that a housing consumer entrusts with the rental owner/manager. The golden rule (Do unto others as you would cheap nfl jerseys have done unto you) is the apex of human interaction acceptable to all major religions and cultures.
In the New Year maybe we keep in mind that having good neighbors is often the result of Diablo being a good neighbor. Let’s remember that there are no shortcuts and more effort is required than is convenient at the time.

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