FBS and San Diego State University

The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate, The Real Estate Society of SDSU, and working real estate professionals in San Diego County have joined forces to offer you a unique opportunity: Day 1.

Day 1 consists of a series of workshops, held in the offices of various working professionals, where students can learn specific skills in the real estate realm. No lectures, no homework, no tests, no grades, no credit, no books, no tuition – just learning. Attendees get instruction from the professional on how to do a job, and then they do it. Sessions will be held once a month on a Saturday morning for 2 to 2.5 hours each. At the end of the workshop, the attendee will be able to perform a set of related tasks, and have one more contact in the industry.

In the first two sessions last fall, students visited the offices of one of San Diego’s premier retail brokers (Ron Pepper of Retail Insite) and a leading property investor and manager (Neil Fjellestad of Fjellestad Properties). Pepper let participants on a quest to identify the optimal San Diego locations for a real-world client of his, and then revealed the recommendations he had made to the chairman of that national retailer. Fjellestad, a former president of the San Diego County Apartment Association and a tech aficionado, exposed students to the latest improvements in property-management methodology and technology.

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